The Popsurrealist Art of Scott Musgrove

Welcome to the hallucinatory world of Scott Musgrove. This Seattle-based popsurrealist has created his own world of bizarre creatures and otherworldly enivronments with somewhat unsettling results. Musgrove’s style of figural surrealism carries themes of environmental issues and endangered wildlife concerns with unique humor, depicting anomalous extinct (and fictitious) animal species. Are these the animal species of the future, or just a bizarre world that lives in the imagination of artist Scott Musgrove.

Check out more of Scott Musgrove’s work at his website.

Here’s an interesting article from in which Scott Musgrove walks through the creative process behind one of his recent paintings.

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9 Responses to The Popsurrealist Art of Scott Musgrove

  1. Thank you for that! I don’t know whether I should actually say I liked this work – it’s really not my style and I didn’t find it appealing at all – but it was so grippingly interesting, and pointed I found myself drawn in and quite unsettled, as you said. I applaud the work, and the artist for using his work in such a pointedly political manner. Really, it’s fantastic work.

    • hi! thanks for stopping by, and for leaving such strong, thoughtful comments. I’m also glad that you have such an open mind that you felt strongly about his work, and you appreciated what you saw, even if it’s not your particular cup of tea. thanks again!

  2. eof737 says:

    Fascinating body of work. 😉

  3. drewpan says:

    It’s like Cthulhu, but cute!

  4. iaggelidaki says:

    Speechless..! 😮

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