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Singing The Body Imperfect: The Art of Sarah-Jane Szikora

It’s often said that great art can come from great hardship, something that British artist Sarah-Jane Szikora might know a lot about. Having had major eye surgery at age 4 and struggling with an eating disorder from her teens to … Continue reading

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Desk Safari!!!

Just when you thought it couldn’t wackier than Sleeveface, here comes Desk Safari! A craze that’s apparently sweeping the offices and cubicles of Britain, the concept is quite simple: marry your head to the computer image of the body of … Continue reading

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Typical Monsters: The Surreal Worlds of Dan May

Dan May is a Cincinnati, Ohio-based artist whose strange work I’ve recently been introduced to. As a modern narrative painter, May cultivates a rich texture of the surreal and mysterious in his highly original flowing style. His detail-intensive works have … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

When it comes to absolutely fresh seafood — like from the ocean to the table in an hour — nothing beats the Sydney Fish Market, especially if you’re looking for gross stuff  like cleaned baby octopus or anything else with … Continue reading

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Sleeveface, or Fun With Album Covers!

Music lovers do the darndest things, but this collection of people matching poses of album covers is sheer genius! It’s called Sleeveface, and as you can see, people can get pretty creative with it. So, if you got any old … Continue reading

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Dark Shadows: The Macabre Art of Esao Andrews

Esao Andrews is an intriguing artist whose work ranges between the comically grotesque and simple, understated beauty. A native of Arizona, Andrews has developed a signature cast of dark and surreal characters, blending erotic and sometimes bizarre images in a … Continue reading

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Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Simplicity

A bike, red lettering on a white wall … a scene of simplicity in Cheung Chau, Hong Kong, 2011.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

It’s July in San Francisco, and for we natives the golden hour(s) come between two and six o’clock in the afternoon. That’s when the temperatures have risen enough to push the fog back as far as Twin Peaks and Sutro Tower … Continue reading

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The Color and the Pattern: The Surreal Worlds of Deedee Cheriel

Nalini ‘Deedee’ Cheriel is a Los Angeles-based painter whose work I just recently became acquainted and subsequently fascinated with. Her dynamic use of color and antediluvian shapes and patterns really struck a chord with the graphic designer in me, and … Continue reading

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