Batman To The Rescue Again

This is for my blog pals Impybat at Impybat’s Emporium, Livvy at All Kinds Of Everything, the famous Guat at The Wish Factor, and anyone else who thinks that Madison Avenue has jumped the gun a little early with the Christmas this year. As Batman would say … it’s only November!!!

About Stephen Kelly Creative

Hi, I'm Stephen Kelly, a writer, editor, photographer and graphic designer living in beautiful San Francisco, CA, USA. Amongst the things I love are writing, photography, movies, music, fitness, travel, Batman, all things Australian, food and fun, all of which I hope to reflect in this here blog. Welcome aboard ... now let's get busy!
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17 Responses to Batman To The Rescue Again

  1. Allan G. Smorra says:

    I’m with you on this one, Stephen.

    • HI Allen … it’s just too early. I really like Christmas, but at this rate, by the time the real Christmas season arrives (still not for two weeks), I’ll be “Enough with the Christmas already.” And that’s a shame…

  2. In my local store, they were putting out Christmas decorations on Halloween day. Sheesh.

  3. The Guat says:

    Duuuuuuuuuuuuuude. I LOVE this! I just wrote a post about Thanksgiving and how it’s being shafted by all this early Christmas shopping business. So wish I would have seen this graphic so that I would have attached it. Nice.

    • Hey Guat … glad you liked this one. Hey, I just read your blog post about Thanksgiving … awesome!!! Check it out … I’ve amended the caption to this post to include you and a link to your Thanksgiving post! Cheers!

      • The Guat says:

        Oh my God you’re so funny! I just went back to my post and scanned the related articles section so I could set up a link to you too! Ha! Great minds think alike.

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  5. Pat says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I went into a store for a pot to put a plant into and they had been all put away – yes you guessed it. For Christmas items. They lost a sale because they didn’t have what I needed in early November on the shelf. I don’t see much Christmas stuff going off the selves.

  6. Impybat says:

    Oh my, think my WordPress phone app ate my comment! Anyways, yes– way way way too soon, and incrementally so each, year might I add! They had Christmas stuff in AC Moore and Michael’s weeks ago. I guess you can’t shop for tacky glittery plastic floral picks too early!

  7. ideflex says:

    So i guess it’s still too early to put up that tree….

  8. haha … sure, ideflex … go ahead. At this point, you’re probably behind in the game, so get going!!!

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