A Happy Ending For Gem!!!


Geez, just read or watch the news these days and you see nothing but abject cruelty. But what kind of human animal could be so heartless as to throw a wounded, helpless animal in the trash? This type of inhumanity, whether directed at other humans or animals, is just incomprehensible to me, and there seems to be more and more stories of horrible behavior out there. It’s always been my belief that if you have little regard for the life of an animal, you probably harbor just as little regard for the lives of humans, and there’s just too many amoral, dangerous people committing senseless acts of violence as it is.

So I was aghast but relieved last December 21 when reading of workers at a Recology recycling/trash processing plant in San Francisco who rescued a puppy they found on a conveyor belt. The then-10-week-old Apricot poodle puppy was badly wounded, suffering from bite marks, dehydration and lameness in its hind legs. Again, I have to ask, who would do such a thing?


A happy ending: Recology employee Patricia Aleman and Gem.

Fortunately for Gem (above), her days of suffering are over, as she was this week officially adopted and taken home by Recology employee Patricia Aleman! After a month of recovery, Aleman is happy to report that despite some scars, Gem is healthy, happy and suffering from nothing more that being “so cute.”

In fact, Aleman’s Recology colleagues who actually rescued Gem from that conveyor belt greeted her return last Thursday with a big “Welcome, Gem” sign. One of the rescuers had even petitioned San Francisco Animal Care and Rescue in support of Aleman adopting Gem so he could “see her when she brought her to work.”

From certain death on a trash conveyor belt to celebrity status, Gem’s story has a warm, happy ending. Gem was lucky to have encountered some wonderfully compassionate people who took her under their collective wings, nursed her back to health and showered her with all the love she deserves. But so many other innocent animals don’t enjoy such storybook fates, and what happens to them is just too terrible to think about. So, please, report any instances of animal cruelty to your local animal care department. You’ll not only protect another of God’s creatures from terrible abuse, but you’ll be reclaiming just a little bit of the humanity that seems to be disappearing from this world.

C’mon, people … let’s stop treating animals like animals!

Gem, in bad shape after being rescued on December 21.

Gem, in bad shape after being rescued on December 21.

Not Looking Too Shabby Now!

Not looking too shabby now!

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14 Responses to A Happy Ending For Gem!!!

  1. Wonderful story having such a happy ending. If only all such stories ended so!

    • Hi Victoria … sadly, so many of these stories don’t have such heartwarming conclusions. It’s nice to see that there out still people out there whose hands are guided by compassion and respect for all living things.

  2. Impybat says:

    Lucky little Gem!

  3. Angeline M says:

    I love that last photo…the look of love Gem is giving Patricia is a….well, a gem!
    Kudos to the workers that saved Gem, and to Patricia for adopting her.

  4. “Who’s a cute puppy? Who’s a cute puppy? You! Yes, you are. Yes, you are. You’re such a cute puppy.”

    That’s my reflex reaction. So glad there was a happy ending and beginning for Gem and Patricia.

  5. Jo Bryant says:

    So glad Gem found a happy home. It is incomprehensible to me that humans are so cruel. Today I was reading that Russia is killing it’s stray dogs where the winter olympics are so that they don’t disrupt the tourists…

  6. viveka says:

    Stephen, my hat of for you – for raising the awareness about shelters and abuse against animals.
    So terrible – and there is no punishment hard enough for this, but they get away with “murder” – we have inspectors we can call if we see anything or think there is animals that aren’t treated right and they come straight away. So happy for Gem, what a sunshine story … Thank you so much, Stephen.

  7. Terri says:

    Big mooshy love to Gem! Our cat was a rescue–my boyfriend took him out of his abusive former home without a second glance. When I came on the scene Sammy was totally skittish of me, but now he’s a big crazy purr machine. I can’t ever begin to imagine throwing a pet in the garbage. Beasts.

  8. Patricia aleman says:

    Thanks for the blog on Gem. I’ve had her for a year now – and she’s doing amazing! I’m really lucky to have her. 🐶!

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