Go With The Flow: The Wavelength Art of The Brendan Monroe


At first glance, the undulating art of Oakland-based artist Brendan Monroe looks like it might have been torn from the pages of a physics textbook. And you may be halfway right, as Monroe says that his interpretation of the world is rooted in science then executed through painting and sculpture.

But look closer and you will see that all of those oscillating waves and loopy movements are making less-than-subtle comments about the fast-paced, constantly moving nature of our modern world, and how humans can often seem like faceless, nameless blobs awash in the movement. Indeed, Monroe’s work is all about the perpetual movement, the endless march of time, and the flow of energy that propels everything.

Monroe is as adept at sculpture as he is painting, and his sculpted pieces also reflect the loopy, curving movement of his paintings. Interestingly, Monroe is married to Evah Fan, a Bay Area-based artist I featured last April. Click on the link to see some of her art, and check out Brendan Monroe’s fascinating work after the jump.

Sculpture - Into A Tempest Thrown

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14 Responses to Go With The Flow: The Wavelength Art of The Brendan Monroe

  1. patriciamoed says:

    Very intriguing. I like the sense of motion in his work. But I’m bothered by the faceless creatures. If the artist is making a political statement about how we are dehumanized by modern society, I understand, but the visual message is still too blatant for me!

  2. cyardin says:

    What a great style. Visually vibrant, but sharp and clear at the same time. I like!

  3. Brendan Monroe seems to be very fond of startling, vivid colors and (as you said) physics-generated shapes (or human body shapes devoid of personality). I wonder if it’s easier to accept these kinds of things in one’s own art if one is younger (as he looks to be). Sometimes I think we older folk need a more comforting “message” from our art (ha!ha!).

    • hey victoria … i see your point … his work is pretty bleak. I like to think a little more positively than that myself, but i appreciate his point of view, and i really like the visual aspect of his work. but agreed … his message is pretty heavy-handed.

  4. Drew says:

    Some of these remind me of some pieces I made back in high school, where I twirled metal wires around to make humanoid figures in various poses of distress. Ah… memories.

  5. Amy says:

    Really cool! Thank you so much for bringing new arts and concepts to us, Stephen!

  6. Pat says:

    Hi Stephen, I am of the older generation, and I would have a hard time selecting the one or two I would like to own. There were so many that wowed me. I love his gentle colors, but at the same time the lines/movement leave me feeling a bit on edge. Thus he seems to have accomplished his objective. Isn’t it interesting how lines can create a sense of calm and a sense of agitation. Curved lines usually create calm in my but he has accomplished the opposite. This is a nice find – thanks.

    • Hi Pat … exactly! there’s so many pleasing elements going on here, but it’s all a bit unsettling. As you say, that’s probably the point, but his visual interpretation is really excellent. i find his art works on many different levels … I love the movement and energy of his work!

  7. viveka says:

    Intriguing, but there is not one piece that really talks to me … maybe it’s because of the faceless figures.

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