Strange But True: Volcanic Distruption

Volcano1You guys know that I like reporting the weird, the wonderful and the just plain WTF that I find on the Internet … things that you leave scratching your head wondering if they’re real or some ingenious digital representation … remember the underwater river in Mexico?

Well, I had another such strange but true discovery the other day when I discovered these astounding photos of a volcano blowing it’s top just as a violent lightning storm was raging. Taken in March 2012 by photographer Francisco Negroni at Cordón Caulle in Puyehue National Park in the Andes of Ranco Province, Chile, these pics capture a hellish scene of volcanism at it’s most intense. The deep reds and oranges and billowing clouds of smoke and ash punctuated by sinewy fingers of lightning suggest a hell on earth straight out of Dante’s Inferno, as real as it gets.

And yet, as is typical with nature, it’s strangely beautiful in its own majestic, chaotic way.

Strange but true!

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Hi, I'm Stephen Kelly, a writer, editor, photographer and graphic designer living in beautiful San Francisco, CA, USA. Amongst the things I love are writing, photography, movies, music, fitness, travel, Batman, all things Australian, food and fun, all of which I hope to reflect in this here blog. Welcome aboard ... now let's get busy!
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21 Responses to Strange But True: Volcanic Distruption

  1. local2globe says:

    Dear friend,
    thank you for finding and visting along with your activity ad and your post is amazing, congrats for your hard work … wishing a great time – Local2globe

  2. Amy says:

    Stunning captures! Especially the first on. Such a lot of effort just getting there, and you took spectacular shots!

  3. The Guat says:

    Dude this is weird and wonderful I can’t believe this happened and better yet I can’t believe he captured it. Amazing! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. Paula says:

    For a second there I thought you came too close to a volcano.. now I am relieved :D. I will have to check out Negroni. Thank you, Stephen. Wish you a nice weekend!

    • Hi Paula … you know, after reading your comment I realized that I didn’t include a link to his website, which I always try to do, but when I revisited it yesterday it was taken down. Dunno why!
      As I said above, that’s the type of photography I dream about doing!

  5. viveka says:

    Mother Earth is a very powerful woman and she provide us with the most amazing firework too. Maybe this is her message that we shouldn’t interfere with her and upset her too much.
    Amazing photos – this is powerful … every one of them.

  6. Madhu says:

    Sensational shots Stephen! Thank you for sharing.

  7. Pat says:

    Wow, pretty amazing. I’m Impressed. I especially like the lightening and eruption. I so enjoy a good thunder and lightening storm – and to have it within volcanic ash is really on the edge.

  8. fotoeins says:

    I saw some of these photos back in 2012, and they’re just as freaky and hellish now as when I saw them back then! I think it’s well-known that volcanic ash thrown up into the atmosphere is highly charged, and it’s not surprising when lightning occurs “down stream”. With that in mind, perhaps, we can learn from Negroni’s anticipation and wonderful execution, too. 🙂

  9. Jaspa says:

    I’d vainly hoped to see stuff like this when I visited Hawaii before Christmas. Unfortunately, Kilauea was taking a nap, which started 3 months before we arrived and has since ended. Still, we did get to see some oozing lava taking out a forest (, and the glow of Kilauaea’s crater at night, which was very cool!

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