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_ASC3269I’m a city-livin’ apartment dweller, so I don’t really have a  garden to speak of. I have a nice deck that affords me awesome city views, but the weather up here in the Twin Peaks section of San Francisco where I live is sometimes too cool, windy and foggy to grow anything but the heartiest of plants, especially in the summer.

IMG_0028So to get my green garden kicks I live vicariously through city parks. And my hands-down favorite is Sydney’s beautiful Royal Botanic Garden, a massive greenspace that encompasses 30-hectare (approximately 70 acres) of prime Sydney real estate, so close to the downtown CBD district it’s almost part of it. Fun fact: it was originally opened way back in 1816 and it once had a zoo!

It’s easy to get lost as you wander the lush walkways of this magnificent park, but should that happen, just look around. The Opera House and Harbour Bridge are almost always in view! And don’t forget to take your shoes off. It’s the only park I know of that actually invites you to walk on the grass.

Now, I’m usually a  guy on the go, especially when I’m visiting Sydney, but the beauty and peacefulness of the garden is enough to have me cooling my jets, kicking off my shoes and shirt, laying my butt down in that perfect grass, pulling up my camera bag to use as a pillow, and taking a nice snooze … right in the middle of the afternoon!

Here’s why:

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Hi, I'm Stephen Kelly, a writer, editor, photographer and graphic designer living in beautiful San Francisco, CA, USA. Amongst the things I love are writing, photography, movies, music, fitness, travel, Batman, all things Australian, food and fun, all of which I hope to reflect in this here blog. Welcome aboard ... now let's get busy!
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30 Responses to Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Gardens

  1. I envy you your ability to lie anywhere in the grass, Stephen. Here in the eastern U.S., we have such problems with the deer tick (which as you know causes Lyme disease) that we don’t dare lie in the grass in most places. And it’s spreading south too, when last heard of! I think the age after humankind will be the age of the bug and the microbe, and they may one day revel in exploring our remains, as we view the dinosaurs. But Sydney–now, they haven’t had deer tick problems yet, have they? Sigh!!!!!

  2. viveka says:

    Stunning post and I can understand that you took your time … phased out in this stunning environment. I’m a massive park-fan – I visit parks when others visit museum or churches.
    I have a Australian trip very high on my bucket list – next year in November if nothing happens.
    Can’t wait.

    • Hey there, Viveka. It’s just so tranquil in that park … you feel really safe. can’t say that of some the parks here in the states, unfortunately.

      • viveka says:

        I live in a very small town – 38.000 .. and we have the most beautiful parks .. in every corner of the town. The city has their own Park team. It must cost loads to keep them going, but I’m willing to pay that little extra in tax to .. have our parks in the fantastic shape they are – see the teams (written on there uniforms back) all over town those days .. so busy with the cleaning and springtime planting. Love it.

  3. Kongo says:

    Great garden, Stephen!

  4. Angeline M says:

    These photos definitely say tranquility; I can understand why you would be able to just take a snooze here. Lovely!

  5. kayrpea61 says:

    Nice tribute to our beautiful Botanic Gardens, Stephen. Melbourne’s aren’t real bad either, as long as you catch a nice day 🙂

    • You’re welcome!!! I could have posted so many more pics … i really love just exploring all those pathways and taking pics! It’s pretty impressive how big the park is, and how much cool stuff there is to see inside … including the fruit bats!
      I have not been to Melbourne as of yet. Maybe if I didn’t go to Sydney all the time …

  6. aishasoasis says:

    I’m a walnut creeker transplanted in Egypt- my folks live in San Francisco, and I love love love your photos! I can feel the grass on my barefeet right now!

  7. Jo Bryant says:

    It was one of my favourite places growing up in Sydney

    • Hi Jo … one of many, I’m sure!

      • Jo Bryant says:

        I used to drive down to have my lunch at Mrs Macquarie’s Chair every day when I worked as a courier in the city. Never failed to give me peace down there.

        • One of my favorite strolls in Sydney (maybe even more than that awesome coastal walk between Bondi and Coogee) is that walk along the park and the harbour from the Opera House/Circular Quay to Mrs. Macquaries Chair, especially at dusk. I never get tired of that! Again, you’re so lucky that that was a big part of your life for a time. Sydney is such a great city!

  8. cyardin says:

    Great capture of my home town gardens. It is funny how different a visitor looks at what is right on your doorstep.

    • Thanks, Chris! I think those of us that live in tourist-heavy cities often take our cities for granted. People who visit San Francisco are blown away by things that I barely look at anymore … although I’m not so jaded to say that I still get a thrill from riding the cable cars!

  9. Amy says:

    These are great captures of this beautiful gardens! I like the boy sculpture 🙂

  10. Paula says:

    I totally get it :D. Thank you for this stroll Stephen!!!

  11. pommepal says:

    Ah Sydney Botanic Gardens in summer you have really captured the spirit of the place.

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