Emotions In Motion: The Symbolist Surrealism of Duy Huynh

Dreamers Meeting Place

Vietnamese born Duy Huynh (pronounced Yee Wun) creates poetic and contemplative acrylic paintings. Duy draws inspiration from a variety of storytellers in formats that range from music and movies to ancient folklore and comic book adventures. While much of his work is deeply personal, his clever and often times humorous use of symbolism and wordplay invites the viewer to create their own storyline.

Metamorphosis of a MetaphorThemes of geographical and cultural displacement are prevalent in his artwork. Ethereal characters maintain a serene, precarious balance, often in a surreal or dreamlike setting. With his figures, Duy explores motion along with emotion in order to portray not just the beauty of the human form, but also the triumph of the human spirit. Reoccurring images of boats, trains, suitcases, and anything with the ability of flight relate to travel, whether physical or spiritual.

He also attempts to literally and symbolically connect fluid patterns in nature/wildlife with that of human made aspirations. The results are often hybrid dreamscapes filled with melodic manifestations and flowering fragments that transcend limitations of logic. The goal is to nurture a visual language that evokes a sense of wonderment while celebrating the fragility of a precarious life.

Duy’s interest in art began shortly after his arrival to the States from Vietnam in the early eighties. With difficulties adapting to new surroundings and language, he took refuge in comics, cartoons, and graffiti. His first art commission came in the third grade when a classmate hired him to draw the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Payment came in the form of 2 dollars and chocolate milk for the week. More importantly, he learned it was possible to make a connection through the use of a visual language. This simple experience serves as a reminder for him even today to always enjoy and maintain his childhood love.

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20 Responses to Emotions In Motion: The Symbolist Surrealism of Duy Huynh

  1. ilargia64 says:

    Wonderful!! But I think he had to know surrealists at some moment, may be before he came to the States? After? His work is absolutely great!

    • Hello, ilargia … so good to hear from you again. i’m also really glad his work connected with you as strongly as they did. i always do a lot of research of the artists I feature, because I’m interested in their theories on technique, and especially, their influences. I could find very little of that sort of information from or about Duy Huynh, and lately I’ve been finding a lot of that with artists who don’t disclose a lot about themselves. It’s all about the art, as it should be. But, as you said, there’s a very strong surrealist influence here. Just wish I knew more of the specifics of where he gets the inspiration for his amazing art! cheers!

  2. You’re absolutely right, I can easily see the influence of story, tale, and legend in his works. Very nice!

    • hi victoria … i also like how there’s a very strong human-nature connection going on his art … much like last week’s artist, although maybe not as obvious. I love his art; it feels like a pleasant dream to me. i also love the positivity he projects in his work. i love his optimism.

  3. kayrpea61 says:

    So very clever.

  4. Angeline M says:

    Absolutely wonderful creative artist!

  5. nonoymanga says:

    marvelous collection!!! very inspirational!!!

  6. viveka says:

    A very romantic artist .. which I like – there is a bit too much “scary” and macabre art out there. There isn’t one piece of Duy’s art that I wouldn’t like to have on my walls – but my favorite is the one you have chosen as main picture. And also the tree with it’s roots … is fantastic. Once again, Stephen, a magnificent presentation.

  7. Su Leslie says:

    Wonderful images. Thank you for introducing me to Duy Huynh’s work.

  8. Madhu says:

    So so beautiful! I can picture these on my walls too Stephen. Especially the dreamy “Theremin’s Therapy’ and “Rhythmic Equanimity”! Thank you yet again for sharing your aesthetic experiences

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