Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Close-up

IMG_0414I’m really late to the Travel Theme party this week, and I almost blew it off until I found these pics of an amazing close-up encounter with a lioness at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo that I took back in 2009.

I had seen this particular lioness lounging way at the back of the pen, and she kept watching me as I snapped a few shots of her. I turned in another direction to take a few other shots, and when I turned back the lioness had sauntered over to the very edge of the compound, just a few feet away from me. I must say, the sight of her licking her chops was slightly discomforting.

As it turned out, lunch was not on her mind, and she was just as curious about me as I was about her. She sure is a beauty, isn’t she? Man and beast, just checking each other out, and at least one of us is glad there’s a thick sheet of glass separating us!

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About Stephen Kelly Creative

Hi, I'm Stephen Kelly, a writer, editor, photographer and graphic designer living in beautiful San Francisco, CA, USA. Amongst the things I love are writing, photography, movies, music, fitness, travel, Batman, all things Australian, food and fun, all of which I hope to reflect in this here blog. Welcome aboard ... now let's get busy!
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19 Responses to Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Close-up

  1. Jo Bryant says:

    Oh my…she is stunning

  2. nonoymanga says:

    good read, excellent wild life!!!

  3. cocomino says:

    We are scared of the tiger but we want to see it closely 🙂

  4. Jemma Jones says:

    Wow! Amazing! I was a little late myself joining in in this theme. My photos look rubbish compared to yours.

    • Hi Jemma … and sorry for the late reply. don’t ever put down your photography, and don’t compare them negatively to others. photography is a personal thing, so do it for the love of it, and strive to get better and better. it’s deeply satisfying. oh, and thanks for visiting!

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  6. pommepal says:

    I recognise that face Stephen, she is beautiful

  7. Madhu says:

    She is gorgeous!! 🙂

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