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Happy Easter: WTF Edition

When it comes to holidays, I can be subversive; remember my recent¬†Valentine’s Day essay/rant? Well, I’m the same way with Easter. Despite being raised in a Catholic household, it’s a holiday that I’ve never really embraced or celebrated. In fact, … Continue reading

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Snowkyo: Clever Japanese Snow Sculptures

It seems that things have sure gone crazy with the world’s weather. From a Winter Olympics in 61-degree Russia to ice storms in the American South to floods brought on by torrential rains in England to a U.S. Eastern seaboard … Continue reading

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Holy Happy Valentine’s Day, Batman!

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone out there, if you’re so inclined. Me, I’m not the most romantic guy, and being somewhat cynical, I generally see Valentine’s Day as the ultimate Hallmark holiday: something invented by the corporations as a cash … Continue reading

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More Monster Mash-Ups: War On Kincade

As you know, lately I’ve been fascinated with recycled art, or the process of one artist adding their own vision to already existing, usually cheery and innocuous works, especially those that are sold for pennies at thrift stores. And it … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween: The Monstrously Clever Art of Chris McMahon & Thyrza Segal

Everyone has no doubt seen them, or maybe even owned one or two of them: pretty but generic paintings of landscapes and nature scenes that might have once lived in a backroad Motel 6 or the rec room in your … Continue reading

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Desk Safari!!!

Just when you thought it couldn’t wackier than Sleeveface, here comes Desk Safari! A craze that’s apparently sweeping the offices and cubicles of Britain, the concept is quite simple: marry your head to the computer image of the body of … Continue reading

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Sleeveface, or Fun With Album Covers!

Music lovers do the darndest things, but this collection of people matching poses of album covers is sheer genius! It’s called Sleeveface, and as you can see, people can get pretty creative with it. So, if you got any old … Continue reading

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