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Getting stabbed in the head with a triceratop horn apparently doesn’t faze me in the least.

Hi everybody, and thanks for visiting my blog.

Feel free to visit some of my other web haunts, like my portfolio website, or Flickr where you can check out more of my pics.

Stop by and say hello on Facebook. For the right price, I’ll even be your friend (kidding).

13 Responses to Contact Me

  1. trschell says:

    Hi Stephen, love your blog! I nominated your for a Very Inspiring Blogger award. See my post for some details and keep up the good work!

  2. petit4chocolatier says:

    Hi Stephen, I love your blog and appreciate your talents.

    I reblogged a couple of your links on a new page I began this past week; reblog tastings. If anyone visits it, they can check out your links and find out how much talent you have within it’s pages!


    • Hi Judy … well, look at you! thanks so much for this; I’m sincerely flattered! Launching a blog was the best move I’ve made this year, because it’s allowed me to come into contact with a really big community of cool, funny, talented, interesting people … like you! Thanks again, Judy! Wait for it! Here comes big karma that I’m sending your way!

      • petit4chocolatier says:

        Hi Stephen,

        Thank you very much for all your kind words. It means a lot to me. And I am so glad I began a personal blog too. So many wonderful people, including you!


  3. petit4chocolatier says:


    I wish you and your loved ones a happy, joyful, rewarding, successful, and healthy new year!

  4. Bob Ransom says:

    Hi Stephen,

    I too have become a Robert Deyfer fan and was wondering where one might purchase any of his originals at a reasonable price. Please contact me at Thank You! Bob

  5. Bob Ransom says:

    Sorry for the type “O” correction Robert Deyber

  6. Hi, Stephen. Your post on Kathleen Lolley was on my e-mail today, but when I tried to go to the page, it said, “Page not found.” I wanted to comment, and to see the rest of the post, if it’s available.

  7. nailya says:

    Dear Stephen,
    Can we use some photos for the dream books?
    Please advise at


  8. Hi, Stephen. Just writing to let you know that the “Ome” page in your Tokyo 2015 collection “can’t be found”. Since I’m very eager to see all the rest of your shots, I’m letting you know. What kind of suburb is Ome? Are there lots of bike couriers? I guess bikes in general are more popular over there, as they are in a lot of Asia. Take care, and take lots of pics!

  9. Hi, Stephen. I wanted to comment on your monochrome piece (I wanted to say, “You may have it in monochrome, but you have an artist’s eye for this stuff!”), but you have a red line of type on your webpage which says “this is not a valid facebook url,” and it gets In the way of letting me get your stuff easily. I don’t know if I will be able to get the next piece or not, and I would hate to miss it.

    • Hi Victoria,
      First, thanks for the kind words. Glad you liked this one.
      Second, I’ve tried a hundred times to use the Facebook widget so people can connect to my FB page, but it just won’t connect. I keep getting that red line that you saw. It has since been eradicated (I deleted the Facebook widget). But thanks for the sharp eye!

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