Hi everybody. Thanks for visiting my Photography Page. I’ve been gangbusters with the camera lately, so I’ve got some new stuff to show, shot mainly here in beautiful San Francisco, CA. I’ve also updated almost all of my other Flickr sets, so check it out.

2013 was a busy year with the camera and trips to Sydney in February and Tokyo and Kyoto in September yielded some amazing results. Kick in coverage of weird and wacky San Francisco events like SantaCon, the How Weird Street Fair and the always entertaining St. Patrick’s Day parade, and 2013 was a great year photographically speaking. You can check ’em out by clicking on the links below.

tokyo3  kyoto

sydney  how_weird

santacon  st_patrick


In Union Square


Oh yeah … you know you like it! Wanna see more? They’re all easily accessed on my Flickr site.

While you’re here, feel free to check out:

  My Portfolio Gallery

And pics from some of my favorite places:

 Tokyo                 Sydney

 Hong Kong        San Francisco

Also featuring:

  Christmas In San Francisco 2011          San Francisco Street Art

 People           Bring On The Night

I hope you like what you see. There’s plenty more to come! Feel free to comment, offer advice or just reach me to chat about all things photography! Cheers!

21 Responses to Photography

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  3. Hey Stephen! I love the B & W image through the glass tothe cafe (on the far right,) it’s really got a great atmosphere. Great site as always and I like the new chapters. Keep them coming!

  4. Hey GIAFF … awwww … you’re too kind, but thanks!

    Wasn’t sure about the B&W shot for a while (took it about a month ago), but it’s growing on me (not literally).

    Got lots of new chapters brewing in this noggin of mine, and I’m planning exciting new additions to my blog. Stay tuned …

  5. drewpan says:

    That crying tourist-trap binoculars shot is so good!

  6. viveka says:

    Love the photo … here that you call the “dawn”. It’s so much easier to get great photos when there is bright color or night light one – this such a gentle picture – and tranquility (I can hear it). Also a little mystic in it. Stunning photo.

    • thanks for your nice words. that shot was taken at least twenty years ago, but I remember it exactly. and it looked exactly like that … intensely serene, amazingly tranquil, like I was drifting out of a dream. thanks for appreciating!

  7. I love your photos Stephen, particularly of Tokyo, which we’ve just come back from. It’s brilliant to see you visited all the same places we did, only a year before us! Roppongi also rained the day we were there! Great blog!

    • hi gals, and thanks for your very kind words. OMG … i LOVE Tokyo, and it looks like you guys had a blast too!!! ! could spend a year there just taking pics, and eating!!! Amazing city, incredible culture!!!

  8. Great photos! It seems you are lucky enough to travel quite a bit. For me travel offers best photo opportunities. I try to seize them every time.

    Keep it up!

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  10. very nice. I will always check your site for updates. =) Thanks too for visiting letters for michael =)
    appreciate it.

  11. These are absolutely fantastic! Insta-follow! 🙂

  12. Alexandra says:

    I’m definitely following you 🙂

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