Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Curves

These gentle, sensual curves can only signify one place: it’s the Sydney Opera House!

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Hi, I'm Stephen Kelly, a writer, editor, photographer and graphic designer living in beautiful San Francisco, CA, USA. Amongst the things I love are writing, photography, movies, music, fitness, travel, Batman, all things Australian, food and fun, all of which I hope to reflect in this here blog. Welcome aboard ... now let's get busy!
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22 Responses to Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Curves

  1. Stephen, I’ve often heard of the Sydney Opera House, but I’ve never seen the roof of it before–will you think my imagination unbearably tawdry if I say it looks to me like a giant and stacked brassiere from some Swiftian Brobdingagian (did I spell that correctly?)? Or in this day and age would I say that it reminds me of Madonna or Lady Gaga? He!He!

  2. adinparadise says:

    So beautiful. Your photo has made me want to see this first hand, Stephen. I wonder what the inside looks like.

    • Hi there … and thanks for visiting. It’s a pretty amazing place … the Opera House is actually a complex of five buildings, each holding its own specifically sized theater. The main structure is amazing! The Opera House has daily tours .. you learn a lot about the building and history of this amazing structure.

  3. cocoaupnorth says:

    Lovely stuff!

    • Hello Finland!!! What’s the weather like there now? Thanks for visiting!
      Yep … I love the Sydney Opera House. I thinks it’s a marvel of modern architecture and design. So iconic!

      • cocoaupnorth says:

        Yep! Sydney Opera House is certainly iconic. Great take on the theme.

        Finland weather? We are definitely now in autumn and soon nature is going to force us to slow down with the dark season (Sep-Nov).

  4. cinova says:

    Nice one, Stephen. I like the framing of this shot. You have inspired me to post my pics of the Opera House!

  5. Marianne says:

    The Sydney Opera House always reminds me of a kind of armadillo! Great shot, Stephen.

    • hehe! hi marianne … an armadillo! That’s a first, but now that you point it out, it kinda does. It’s funny what people see or interpret when they see the Opera House. It’s so strange. Hey! Thanks for dropping by, btw!!! oh, and i looked up arctophile … who knew?

      • Marianne says:

        Glad you can see what I mean about the armadillo. I´ll be heading back out to Sydney in November for a couple of months. Perpetual summer for me 😉

        So I taught you a new word, huh?

        • Excellent! I will be in Sydney for a few weeks either in November or mid-January (gotta determine what my work load looks like before a book a trip!) Need my summer fix as the cold, cold, cold San Francisco winter rolls in.
          HeHe … oh yeah! As a wordsmith, I had to look that one right up. Sounded like it might be a little freakier than what it actually is!

  6. How wonderful – a completely different view of the iconic building!

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  8. Madhu says:

    Cool shot, despite the tawdry connotations implied by your choice of adjective 😆 Would love to see this landmark building in person someday.

    • hi madhu … when you see it for the first time,it’s not tawdry at all … it’s astonishing! it deserves its status as one of the greatest architectural marvels EVER … it’s not like anything you’ve ever seen .. it’s almost bizarre, and that’s what makes it so amazing!

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