A-Z Challenge: The Letter M: Menagerie

It was a regular animal parade this past weekend at San Francisco’s notorious Folsom Street Fair. You think that’s bad … they were probably wearing toeshoes!

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Hi, I'm Stephen Kelly, a writer, editor, photographer and graphic designer living in beautiful San Francisco, CA, USA. Amongst the things I love are writing, photography, movies, music, fitness, travel, Batman, all things Australian, food and fun, all of which I hope to reflect in this here blog. Welcome aboard ... now let's get busy!
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17 Responses to A-Z Challenge: The Letter M: Menagerie

  1. viveka says:

    We live in a wired and wonderful world …. and this is the proof – Really good.

  2. Northern Narratives says:

    What a bunch of animals 🙂

  3. Are you sure you weren’t at a werewolf convention? In Transylvania, perhaps? So many of them look like wolf masks!

  4. vicentesf says:

    SO annoyed that I had to work that day and missed it!

  5. ilargia64 says:

    Must be funny living in San Francisco! Great!

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Haha… I missed the Folsom Street Fair, but the toeshoe-hate reminded me… I was at a reading the other week and there was an adorable little old man with a neatly trimmed mustache, wearing a very nice suit. And pink toeshoes. And a pink scarf. Taking pictures with a hot pink iPhone.

  7. The Guat says:

    Ha! I agree with Elizabeth up there. Checking out your photos makes me miss living in the Bay Area (Berkeley). It’s always very eclectic and full of personalities.

  8. Funny stuff. I have some similar photos in my blog from Oslo Pride Festival 2012. Events like these is always a nice opportunity to shoot some interesting photos.

  9. Ritesh dsouza says:

    Hi Kelly can we promote a picture of yours on out Instagram with all due credits given? Thanks

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