Soft Focus: The Dreamy Art of Maurizio Lanzillotta

Coniglio biancoI was passing by the CK Contemporary Gallery in San Francisco’s Union Square this past weekend when I noticed the intriguing art of Mauricio Lanzillotta in the front window. I was unfamiliar with the art of this Spanish painter, and the dreamlike quality of his work and the gentle pastel colors therein evoked a sort of peacefulness, like I was strolling through a dream. I, of course, had to go in and check it out.

Mauricio Lanzillotta was born in Campobasso, Italy before settling in Spain. He is greatly influenced by the landscape of his home and of his adopted country, infusing his works with the sense of thick fog and diffused light he fondly remembers from his childhood. Rabbits, trees, clouds and goldfish also figure prominently in his work. Working with oils on canvas, the semi-translucent quality of his canvasses and the broad sense of perspective account for the seductive and calming nature of his paintings. It’s hard not to get carried away in the dreamy landscapes he creates.

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the gently seductive art of Mauricio Lanzillotta.

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21 Responses to Soft Focus: The Dreamy Art of Maurizio Lanzillotta

  1. says:

    I love the work of this artist – so serene and calming!

  2. ideflex says:

    Soft as a summer kiss – so lovely!

  3. What is almost as lovely as this art itself is the effect it seems to have upon its observers, you and those commenting above. How restful and soothing and entirely free of pressure to analyze; it simply appeals to that early morning fresh-air feel of a cool summer dawn!

  4. petit4chocolatier says:

    Serene and soft! Very nice Stephen. There are so many of these I love.

  5. Madhu says:

    Love those pastel landscapes Stephen.

  6. fgassette says:

    I agree the pastels are calming.


  7. ilargia64 says:

    I like his work!!!! It surprised me it was oil…May be because of the softness…. I thought it was pastels…!!!

  8. akanedou says:

    Great art works…I really like these arts !!

  9. Looks like perfect art for a spa. I especially love the paintings he did of water – thanks for sharing this!

  10. yi-ching lin says:

    definitely de chirico-esque… what’s that looming over the rabbit? thank you for sharing his beautiful works.

  11. Dear Stephen,
    I’ve just read your blog, I love what you and all your followers write about my artwork, thank you so much! I would like to tell you that I only use oils on smooth linen (I’m not quite fond of pastels). In the beginning I aimed to eliminate any trace of the painter in my work in order to translate the sensation of a painting existing by itself without any kind of particular style. In the end I create my own style! Although the starting idea was that the paintings looked like being self-created by light and atmosphere.
    Thanks you all again.

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